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Ask a Foot Doctor About Plantar Fasciitis

A podiatrist, also known as a doctor of podiatric medicine, is a foot doctor. This kind of surgeon or physician can treat the ankle, foot and connecting parts of the leg. A podiatrist can help you if you have a foot condition like plantar fasciitis.
Jan 13th, 2022

Could a Podiatrist Recommend Orthotics For You?

Learning more about orthotics when living with a certain type of foot disorder is a great idea. When you are experiencing problems with your feet, it can really make it difficult for you to perform your everyday tasks.
Dec 14th, 2021

Should I See a Podiatrist or Orthopedist?

Like many people, you may be considering either podiatry or orthopedics to care for your ailing feet. Both disciplines have their place and can offer help for a variety of conditions.
Dec 13th, 2021

What Services Does a Foot Doctor Offer?

A foot doctor, or podiatrist, can help you with problems that affect your lower legs or feet. Podiatrists are qualified to care for your feet because of their education and training.
Dec 1st, 2021

Ask a Podiatrist: Is Arch Pain Common?

Arch pain is a common condition that can affect your feet. People who live active lifestyles, like athletes and fitness enthusiasts, are more likely to develop the condition than less active people.
Nov 16th, 2021

4 Common Foot Injuries Athletes May Experience

Many athletes worldwide suffer from foot injuries. All types of athletes are at risk of sustaining foot injuries. Sports such as soccer, basketball, football and running are usually associated with various foot and ankle injuries.
Nov 15th, 2021

Getting Custom Orthotics from a Podiatrist

Foot problems can be very irritating and impact your daily life, but custom orthotics from a podiatrist can help relieve the pain associated with irregular walking patterns.
Nov 2nd, 2021

How Can Custom Orthotics Help Me? [Foot Doctor]

Custom orthotics are made specifically in order to address a patient’s particular needs. Only a podiatrist can let a patient know whether or not custom shoe orthotics are going to help them.
Oct 15th, 2021

When Do I Need a Foot Surgeon?

If you have pain in your foot, you may wonder if you need to visit a foot surgeon. That could help to reduce your pain if other methods did not work. Then you can live a better life.
Oct 7th, 2021

Home Care for Heel Pain

Want to be rid of your heel pain once and for all? The home care options listed below are common treatment options for addressing heel pain at home.
Oct 1st, 2021

3 Things to Look For in a Foot Doctor

Wondering how to choose a new foot doctor? If you are currently experiencing problems with one or both of your feet, then finding a local podiatrist who can diagnose and treat your foot problems is your next step.
Sep 15th, 2021

Ask a Podiatrist: Do Custom Orthotics Help?

Custom orthotics are used in situations where people experience severe, chronic pain in their feet. Talking with a podiatrist is important to do when considering custom orthotics.
Sep 15th, 2021

How Do You Treat Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs are calcium deposits that form at the bottom or back of the heel bone. As they grow, they effectively become an extension or outgrowth of the heel bone.
Sep 1st, 2021

Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery FAQs

A podiatrist may recommend Achilles tendon surgery if non-surgical methods of treatment are not enough to repair the damaged or torn Achilles tendon.
Aug 12th, 2021

3 Common Causes of Arch Pain

Arch pain can limit your mobility if you fail to address its root cause and get treatment. Read on to learn about some common causes of arch pain. Each of your feet is made up of 26 bones that form two arches.
Aug 9th, 2021

Do Arch Supports Help with Flat Feet?

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches, are common. Many people with flat feet go about their lives fairly oblivious to the fact that they have flat feet. But many others are affected by their flat feet, to varying degrees.
Aug 2nd, 2021

Do You Need to Put a Cast on a Fractured Foot?

A fractured foot can be a stressful process, and there are many questions one may have along the way. One of the more frequently asked questions podiatrists receive is whether or not a cast is needed for a fractured foot.
Jul 13th, 2021

3 Tips to Recover From Ankle Surgery Faster

The speed at which one is able to recover from ankle surgery depends on how much they allow themself to rest and how well the post-care instructions provided by the podiatrist and surgeon are followed.
Jul 1st, 2021

Surgical Repair for an Ankle Fracture

Ankle fractures are common and can happen from twisting an ankle, falling, car accidents and sports injuries. You need an x-ray if an ankle injury occurs and results in pain, bruising, swelling and difficulty moving the ankle.
Jun 10th, 2021

What Can a Foot Doctor Treat?

Looking for a new foot doctor in your local area? If you are currently experiencing problems with your feet or lower legs, then making an appointment with a podiatrist is your next step.
Jun 1st, 2021

Arthritic Foot and Ankle Care Treatment Options

Arthritic Foot and Ankle Care can make simple tasks more bearable. Arthritis is a painful joint disease that has no cure, but there are treatment options available to reduce symptoms like stiffness and pain.
May 15th, 2021

What Are Symptoms of Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs are the result of calcium displacement on the bone around the sole of the heel. It may occur as a little bony protrusion or a group of small, unevenly shaped growths on the heel bone, or the calcaneum.
May 14th, 2021

What Is Diabetic Neuropathy in the Feet?

Diabetic neuropathy is the reason why diabetics are always advised to keep a close eye on their feet. It is one of the more serious effects of diabetes.
Apr 15th, 2021

When Are Corns or Calluses a Concern?

A podiatrist can treat your corns and/or calluses when they are causing you problems. Many people think that there is no difference between corns and calluses. However, these two common foot issues are indeed quite different.
Apr 1st, 2021

Podiatry: When to Seek Treatment for Foot Pain

Throughout your life, you may not be familiar with podiatry. However, if you start feeling the effects of a foot injury or some other condition with this part of your body, you will look for relief.
Mar 15th, 2021

Tips for Choosing Shoes for Heel Spurs

Heel spurs occur as a result of trauma or stress to the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. A person with problematic heel spurs will typically feel a sharp pain when they put their weight on their feet,...
Feb 18th, 2021

What Are the Signs of Diabetic Foot Infection?

Anyone who has diabetes can develop a diabetic foot infection. In some cases, diabetes can lead to reduced blood flow to a person's feet and a loss of sensation. The combination of these two factors can lead to the development of ulcers.
Feb 15th, 2021

Common Foot Pain Disorders Seen by a Foot Doctor

Because feet are so critical, your foot doctor is one of the most important health care professionals that you can visit. A day probably does not go by that you do not need healthy feet.
Feb 1st, 2021

Ankle Sprain Treatment: How a Podiatrist Can Help

Ankle sprain treatment aims to treat injuries that tear or stretch the tough tissues that hold the bones in the ankle together. Ligaments help to stabilize your joints, and they prevent you from hurting them with excessive movements.
Jan 15th, 2021

Podiatry: Common Foot and Ankle Conditions and Treatments

The field of podiatry is devoted to diagnosing and treating conditions of the foot and ankle. Supporting the weight of the body on a daily basis can put an enormous amount of pressure on the feet, which are sometimes not up to the continuous strain.
Jan 1st, 2021

Diabetic Foot Treatment: Why It Is Important

People who have diabetes are at increased risk of foot infections than people who do not have diabetes, because having too much sugar in their blood for a long time can cause health complications,...
Dec 7th, 2020

Bunion Treatment: What Are The Options?

A bunion is a bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe, which forms when the big toe pushes against the next toe to it and forces the joint of the big toe to get bigger and stick out, requiring bunion treatment.
Dec 1st, 2020

When to See a Foot Doctor for Nail Problems

People know to visit the foot doctor when experiencing foot problems such as bunions, Achilles tendinitis or heel pain, but they hardly pay attention to their toenails.
Nov 3rd, 2020

What Symptoms Do Foot Doctors Treat?

A foot doctor, also known as a podiatrist, can treat many types of foot and ankle problems. You might be wondering what types of symptoms a foot doctor can treat.
Oct 14th, 2020

Can a Podiatrist Do Surgery?

One of the most common reasons a person may be referred to a podiatrist is diabetes. When the body fails to produce or properly use insulin, the nerves in the feet may become damaged due to poor circulation.
Oct 6th, 2020

How Do You Choose the Right Podiatrist?

Most people experience problems with their feet at some point or another in their lives and thankfully, a podiatrist can help diagnose and treat any problems or conditions that arise.
Sep 10th, 2020

4 Treatment Options a Foot Doctor May Recommend

A podiatrist is also commonly referred to as a foot doctor or a doctor of podiatric medicine. This kind of surgeon or physician focuses on the treatment of the ankle, foot and related leg structures.
Sep 1st, 2020

How a Foot Doctor Helps Patients With Diabetes

You may know a foot doctor by the work they do to repair sprains, breaks and growths. These professionals also have the knowledge and training to care for patients who suffer from diabetes.
Aug 15th, 2020

Podiatry: Common Pediatric Foot Problems

Podiatry, also commonly known as podiatric medicine, is a branch of medicine that is devoted to the treatment of the foot, ankle and related-leg structures.
Aug 1st, 2020

How a Podiatrist Can Help Your Foot Issue

You may not usually visit a podiatrist, but if your feet hurt, you will want to make an appointment with this doctor. At a podiatry office, the doctor can address a wide range of issues.
Jul 15th, 2020

Podiatry: What Are Common Foot Care Needs?

The treatment of diseases and conditions that affect the ankles and feet is known as podiatry. Routine foot care may help to manage symptoms and even prevent conditions from developing in the first place.
Jun 1st, 2020

4 Common Podiatry Treatments

The word "podiatry" comes from two Greek roots meaning "foot" and "treatment." A podiatrist's education and training focuses primarily on diagnosing and treating conditions of the feet and ankles.
May 15th, 2020

A Foot Doctor Explains Bunions

Bunions are a foot deformity that requires a visit to the foot doctor. A bunion develops at the joint of the big toe as a big bump and causes the toe to deviate towards the second toe.
May 4th, 2020

What Causes Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails can be incredibly painful, and they cause many to alter the way they live their life on a daily basis.
Apr 29th, 2020

Top Reasons to See a Foot Doctor

You may not realize the importance of your feet until you need to see a foot doctor. Pain can make your daily life difficult. The right way to keep your feet healthy is by acting quickly when there is an issue.
Apr 6th, 2020

What Disorders do Podiatrists Treat?

A podiatrist is a type of doctor who focuses on disorders of the foot and ankle. There is a wide variety of treatments that podiatrists offer, including both non-invasive methods and surgical procedures.
Mar 18th, 2020

When to See a Podiatrist

While most people may visit their primary care physician for all of their health issues, a podiatrist is a helpful specialist to see if foot-related or ankle problems arise. Podiatrists are responsible for all things related to the feet.
Mar 16th, 2020

How to Prepare for Foot Surgery

Foot surgery can be scary and nerve-wracking, but it is often necessary so that a person can get back to functioning properly. Knowing how to prepare for an upcoming foot surgery is important so that the surgery and aftercare go smoothly.
Feb 18th, 2020

Specialist for Ankle Pain

Wondering why you are currently experiencing ankle pain? Or maybe you already know why one or both of your ankles are hurting, yet you are not quite sure what to do?
Feb 4th, 2020

How to Tell If Your Foot Is Broken

Colloquially known as a foot doctor, a podiatrist specializes in health conditions related to the feet and ankles. Doctors of podiatric medicine are trained to diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of conditions occurring in the ankle downward.
Jan 23rd, 2020

When Should You See a Podiatrist?

Colloquially known as a foot doctor, a podiatrist specializes in health conditions related to the feet and ankles. Doctors of podiatric medicine are trained to diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of conditions occurring in the ankle downward.
Jan 1st, 2020

Ankle Pain Treatment

Wondering what ankle pain treatment is and how it can help you? This type of treatment is available to address any pain you are experiencing in one or both of your ankles.
Dec 11th, 2019

Neuroma Symptoms and Treatments

A neuroma occurs when a nerve suffers a cut and starts to grow abnormally in an effort to heal itself. The overgrown nerve thickens and forms a ball of scar tissue and new nerve fibers.
Nov 16th, 2019

Will Heel Spurs Go Away on Their Own?

If you have heel spurs, you probably want to know if they will go away on their own. In this article, you will learn more about heel spurs and how you can successfully manage them.
Nov 8th, 2019

Are Flat Feet Bad for Your Health?

Many instances of flat feet do not pose any threat to one’s overall health and most people learn to live life in a normal manner without thinking too much about their flat feet.
Oct 15th, 2019

Causes and Treatment Options for Foot Pain

Looking for a solution for your foot pain? Most people experience some level of foot pain at one point in their lives. It could be due to something as seemingly simple as a callous or something more serious, like rheumatoid arthritis.
Oct 4th, 2019

What Are Diabetic Foot Infections?

Diabetic foot infections are one of the many things people who are dealing with diabetes have to worry about. People with diabetes have difficulty regulating their sugar levels and it can lead to a variety of serious issues...
Sep 12th, 2019

What Is a Foot Neuroma?

A foot neuroma is the thickening, inflammation or enlargement of the nerve located between the bones of the toes. It is often called intermetatarsal neuroma or Morton’s neuroma.
Sep 7th, 2019

Questions You Should Ask A Podiatrist

A podiatrist takes care of one of the most overlooked parts of our bodies: Our feet. You hardly notice them as they support your entire body weight on your morning run, or as you wait in line at the grocery store.
Aug 12th, 2019

5 Common Foot and Ankle Disorders

When dealing with pain upon standing, walking or running, it is possible a foot and ankle disorder is to blame. New shoes, inserts and ankle supports may help for a short time, but the discomfort may return.
Aug 2nd, 2019

What to Know About Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcers are a very serious health issue. These ulcers are a potential complication of diabetes and typically occur on the bottom of a person’s foot.
Jul 10th, 2019

Possible Causes of Arch Pain

Wondering what exactly is causing your arch pain? Arch pain is one of the more common types of foot pain people experience. While this type of pain often occurs in runners and other types of athletes, anyone can be diagnosed with arch pain.
Jun 11th, 2019

Tips for Finding a Podiatrist Near Pocatello

Podiatrists near Pocatello specialize in all things related to feet just like any other podiatrist. These doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions that relate to the feet, and sometimes the ankles too.
May 4th, 2019

What Are Ingrown Toenails?

Usually, ingrown toenails are minor irritations that are easy to deal with. But sometimes an ingrown toenail can lead to infection, major pain and in the worst case, health complications.
May 3rd, 2019

When to Worry About Flat Feet

Having flat feet is particularly common in infants and young children. The scientific term for flat feet is pes planus, meaning the flattening of the arch during standing or walking.
Apr 10th, 2019

A Foot Doctor Reveals How Important Your Toes Are

Almost everyone has two feet and a set of toes attached to each foot. The toes are one of the most important parts of a person’s body, but a lot of people aren’t aware of why. A doctor that studies the feet can be a great person to talk to about the toes.
Apr 2nd, 2019

How are Custom Orthotics Made?

Custom orthotics are used to align and support a person's foot and their lower limb. The device is custom-made for the patient to ensure it does its job properly. A mold of the patient's feet is taken by a podiatrist who makes the device.
Mar 21st, 2019

How to Prevent Diabetic Foot Infections

Diabetic foot infections are a common cause of foot amputations in people with diabetes. They usually start as a small sore or lesion that gets worse with time.
Feb 14th, 2019

4 Signs You Have a Fractured Foot

You cannot walk off a fractured foot, so do not even try. A fractured foot will cause you pain and drastically limit your mobility.
Feb 2nd, 2019

How to Tell if You Need Bunion Removal Surgery

A bunion is a bump that feels boney or hard that forms on or around the joint at the base of the big toe. Some people may feel pain from bunions while others may not experience any pain or discomfort.
Jan 17th, 2019

What Options are There for Hammer Toe Treatment?

A hammertoe is when a muscle and a ligament imbalance and around the toe joint which then causes the middle toe joint to bend and become stuck. It can be irritating and painful for a lot of people,...
Jan 3rd, 2019

Signs of a Potential Foot Disorder

As we grow older, our feet may extend and lose the fatty cushioning at the base of the feet, eventually causing a foot disorder. People with extra weight tend to put more pressure on their bones and ligaments.
Dec 18th, 2018

Tips for Healthy Ankles

Ankles act as one of the main sources of support for the rest of the body. The feet rely on the ankles to support them when walking, running or even standing.
Dec 15th, 2018

4 Daily Feet Care Tips

All too many people neglect practicing proper feet care. The fact is our feet endure a lot throughout each day, and it is important to reward our feet with quality feet care.
Nov 16th, 2018

Do You Have Flat Feet?

If you are suffering from foot pain, you could have flat feet. Those who have this condition should know what to expect, what needs to be done and the impact of various treatment options.
Sep 28th, 2018

Why Someone Need a Podiatry Clinic

A podiatry clinic is exactly what a person needs when dealing with feet discomfort or pain. It is difficult to grasp how important feet are until something happens that leaves someone unable to walk.
Aug 23rd, 2018

Common Causes of Ankle Pain

Any discomfort around the ankles is called ankle pain. It could be caused by a number of things from a medical condition like arthritis, to an injury like a sprain.
Aug 9th, 2018

Visit a Foot Doctor to Treat Skin Problems With Your Feet

If you are having pain or itching on the skin of your feet and know that it is not normal, a foot doctor can help. People are often told that foot problems are “just a part of life,” but the truth is that there is always a cause.
Jul 18th, 2018