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Ankle Sprain Treatment: How a Podiatrist Can Help

Ankle Sprain Treatment: How a Podiatrist Can Help

Ankle sprain treatment aims to treat injuries that tear or stretch the tough tissues that hold the bones in the ankle together. Ligaments help to stabilize your joints, and they prevent you from hurting them with excessive movements. An ankle becomes sprained when the ligaments are stretched past their normal range of motion, typically due to twisting, turning or rolling the ankle in an abnormal way. The ligaments that are located on the outer side of the ankle typically sustain the most damage.

How a podiatrist decides to go about providing ankle sprain treatment depends on the severity of the patient's injury. Mild sprains can be treated with over-the-counter medication, ointments and other self-care measures. More severe sprains might require surgical treatment.

Who needs ankle sprain treatment?

Regardless of the severity of the patient's injury, a medical evaluation is needed so appropriate treatment can be administered.

Signs an ankle has been sprained include:

Anyone who exhibits these symptoms is advised to have their ankle checked out by a healthcare professional. While minor sprains can heal with self-care, patients might have significant injuries that require treatment, like broken bones in the ankle if the sprain is severe.

Common ways people sprain their ankles include:

Diagnosing ankle sprains

The first step towards ankle sprain treatment is getting a professional diagnosis. This usually consists of the podiatrist examining the patient's foot, ankle and lower extremities. The doctor may push on areas around the ankle checking for tenderness. The patient will be asked to move their foot so the doctor can evaluate their range of motion.

Depending on the results of the physical examination, the podiatrist might order more tests like:

Treatment options for ankle sprains

The treatments a doctor might use to deal with an ankle sprain include:

Restore your mobility with ankle sprain treatment

An ankle sprain can leave you in pain and unable to move about as you would like. Visit our podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment so you can get back to doing all the things you enjoy.

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