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Common Foot Disorders Treated by Podiatrists

Common Foot Disorders Treated by Podiatrists

podiatrist is the right professional to see if you have concerns about your feet. This doctor has the knowledge and training to diagnose a variety of foot disorders. This physician can also give you the relief you need from pain or other dysfunctions of this critical part of your body. Consider the different problems you could encounter with your feet and visit a podiatry office.

What the podiatrist does

podiatrist is a medical doctor who focuses on the health and well-being of the foot. This physician can treat people of all ages who have a wide range of foot disorders. This includes injuries, diseases and other conditions. A podiatrist completes a four-year college degree and graduates from medical school. After obtaining a medical degree, this person will spend additional time in postgraduate resident training. This extra work will teach the doctor about foot care and disease prevention.


This condition is common among older adults, but it can affect younger people too. It occurs when there is swelling and inflammation in the lining of the joints. It causes a buildup of fluid in the joints and can bring considerable pain. Arthritis can be present in the foot due to injuries and infections. The condition here can hamper a person’s mobility. The use of orthotics, medication and surgery are all options the podiatrist will use to treat arthritis.

Breaks and sprains

A podiatrist is concerned about injuries to the lower extremities, including the feet. A person can suffer a break or sprain from playing sports or by being involved in an accident. To diagnose the condition, the doctor will examine the person’s foot and take X-rays or an MRI. Treating these injuries will depend on the severity of the condition. The doctor may immobilize the foot or place screws and pins in the foot to repair the broken bones.

Skin conditions

While a patient may visit a dermatologist for general skin problems, the podiatrist can help with issues specific to the foot. Warts, corns and calluses are common issues that people complain about with their feet. Skin conditions can irritate the foot and make it painful to walk. The doctor can remove warts and shave away corns. For less serious complaints such as dry heels or skin, the doctor may prescribe a cream or ointment.


A neuroma is a pinched nerve. It is a non-cancerous growth on the nerve tissue. This can be present between the toes and includes a tingling, burning sensation. The podiatrist will diagnose it with an X-ray, which will show how advanced the condition is. Shoe inserts, medication or surgery are the likely ways the doctor will relieve the person of the symptoms.

Help with a number of concerns

You need healthy feet to enjoy a good quality of life. If you are like most people, you use your feet throughout the day for work and personal needs. If you have pain, discomfort or other issues with your feet, talk to a podiatrist near you. This doctor will know what disorder you have and how to help you feel well again.

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