How Can Custom Orthotics Help Me? [Foot Doctor]

How Can Custom Orthotics Help Me? [Foot Doctor]

Custom orthotics are made specifically in order to address a patient’s particular needs. Only a podiatrist can let a patient know whether or not custom shoe orthotics are going to help them. These common shoe inserts are devices that can correct any abnormal foot movements you make. Custom orthotics can fully support the way a person moves.

Why visit a foot doctor?

Custom orthotics can help people who are experiencing foot-related problems. Patients might make an appointment with their primary care physician to assess foot problems. However, it is likely that the physician will refer the patients to an experienced podiatrist for the necessary treatment. Podiatrists know exactly what to look for when diagnosing a patient and, accordingly, will offer the patients a treatment option that is ideal for them. Common treatment options include wearing custom-made orthotics.

How can custom orthotics help?

The list below includes information on how custom orthotics can help those who are living with the following foot-related problems.

Heel pain

When it comes to addressing heal pain problems, a custom orthotic is needed to fully support the heel. There is a need to focus on preventing ligaments from tearing and correcting any faulty foot alignment that can lead to someone experiencing even more heel problems. Custom orthotics are specifically made for each individual patient. Therefore, all patients can benefit from using custom orthotics to correct any heel problem they might be experiencing.

Hip pain

Custom orthotics can change the way someone is able to move. That makes these devices a viable option in order to help those who are experiencing pain in one or both of their hips. Hip pain is often caused by the hip joints not moving properly, which in turn is caused by the way someone walks or runs. When the hip joints are not moving as they are supposed to, it is much more difficult for someone to absorb the impact of walking or running. This, in turn, can lead to various degrees of hip-related pain.

Plantar fasciitis

Custom orthotics for someone who has received a plantar fasciitis diagnosis will be made with a focus on decreasing the tension placed on the plantar fascia. It is important for the orthotics to prevent the foot from getting flatter. Therefore, it is necessary for this type of orthotic to be very close to the arch of the foot.

Ready to make a consultation appointment?

When you call to make a custom orthotics appointment,the experienced podiatrist will first thoroughly evaluate your condition. Once a diagnosis is made, it is very possible that you will receive a prescription for custom orthotics. Your feet play a very important role in your life and that is why your podiatrist will do everything possible to restore your natural foot movements. If you have any questions before calling to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to let your podiatrist know.

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