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Should I Visit a Foot Doctor for My Foot Pain?

Should I Visit a Foot Doctor for My Foot Pain?

foot doctor can be a lifesaver when you are dealing with foot pain. This is especially true if you are in a lot of pain and cannot even walk due to it. The problem is that you are not sure if it is just something that will pass or if you have to call the foot doctor. To help you, the following are some of the signs you should call the doctor right away.

Common signs you need a foot doctor

1. Long-lasting pain

It has been a few days and the pain will not subside. This usually means there is a serious problem that needs treatment from a podiatrist. It is best to call the doctor to find out if there is a treatment to relieve the pain.

2. Impaired functioning

When foot pain limits mobility and interferes with daily tasks, it is time to call the podiatrist. There is no reason a foot should keep people from living unless they are in recovery after a procedure. Speaking to a podiatrist about the foot pain can lead to a solution to relieve it quicker than sitting around waiting for it to go away on its own.

3. Foot discoloration

Foot discoloration often means there is a condition that needs treatment. For instance, the foot may turn red, dark, have blisters, be cracking or have sores. Any of these signs may mean the person is suffering from an infection or other treatable condition.

4. Diabetes

People who have diabetes should seek the guidance of a podiatrist any time there is a change in the way they look and feel. Diabetes can cause nerve damage, which can lead to pain or numbness in the feet. To make sure this is not happening, a podiatrist needs to examine them.

How refusing to get treatment makes things worse

Ignoring foot pain is never a wise decision. With continued use, the problems may exacerbate leading to worse symptoms that require more intensive treatments. Some people dealing with foot pain simply need rest and a cold/warm compresses, but because of continued use, they end up needing surgery.

The role of a foot doctor

Podiatry helps to keep a person’s feet healthy, which, in turn, makes the entire body healthier. It provides acute and preventative care for the feet and the lower extremities up to the knees. Treatment options can range from medication, physical therapy and surgery. These treatments improve the health and functionality of a person’s feet, thus improving their quality of life.

Do not miss a step because of foot pain

If you are suffering from foot pain and need a foot doctor, contact our Pocatello office today for an appointment. Our podiatrist will help diagnose the source of your condition, provide effective treatments and educate you about how to reduce the odds of it occurring again.

We look forward to helping you relieve your foot pain quickly, so you can get back to your regular routine.

Get started today…

Request an appointment here: or call Ambulatory Foot & Ankle Clinic at (208) 803-0010 for an appointment in our Pocatello office.

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