What Can a Foot Doctor Treat?

What Can a Foot Doctor Treat?

Looking for a new foot doctor in your local area? If you are currently experiencing problems with your feet or lower legs, then making an appointment with a podiatrist is your next step. A doctor of podiatric medicine is someone who has received their bachelor’s degree in medicine and then has gone on to complete four years of podiatry school. In podiatry school, they learn how the bones, nerves and muscles of the feet work together, as well as how to address any illnesses and injuries.

Can a podiatrist perform surgery?

Learning more about how a foot doctor can help you is important when you are experiencing problems with your feet and/or lower legs. Many people wonder whether a podiatrist can perform surgery on patients. The answer is yes. A podiatrist is a foot doctor who can perform surgery on the foot and/or ankle. Common surgical procedures include bunions, hammertoe, ingrown toenail, Achilles tendon, metatarsal foot, broken foot and ankle surgery.

What can a foot doctor treat?

The list below contains information on common foot- or ankle-related problems that a foot doctor can treat.

Fractures and sprains

It depends on the severity of the fracture or sprain when it comes to how a podiatrist will treat the injury. A slight fracture may be treated by resting and immobilizing the injury, while a more severe fracture may require surgery to fix. A slight sprain often responds to using the RICE method, while a more severe sprain may require ankle supports, braces or surgery.

Bunions and hammertoes

The condition of one’s bunions will determine the type of treatment they need, e.g., padding and taping, meditation, physical therapy, orthotics, surgery, etc. Similarly, the condition of one’s hammertoes will determine the type of treatment they need, e.g., padding and taping, medication, orthotics, surgery, etc.

Ingrown toenails

While an ingrown toenail may not seem like it can cause problems, it actually can. If there is any redness or drainage around a toenail, it is necessary to make an appointment with a podiatrist so they can make a proper evaluation. If the person with the ingrown toenail has diabetes or circulation problems, they need to make an appointment as soon as possible to avoid more complications.


According to Advancing Foot and Ankle Medicine and Surgery, because arthritis can affect the structure and function of the feet, it is important to see a doctor of podiatric medicine if any of the following symptoms occur in the feet: swelling, recurring pain, recurring tenderness, redness, heat, stiffness, rashes and motion limitation.

Need to make an appointment?

Our experienced and caring foot doctor can treat any foot-related problems that you are currently living with, so please do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment. As you can see by the information above, a podiatrist knows how to treat a variety of foot problems. If your problem does not seem to be on the list, simply give us a call and let us know what problems you are currently experiencing. We are here for you!

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